Some facts about smartphones

According to recent survey, More than 56% of youth in US are using phone for almost 196 minutes a day, that’s too much, isn’t it?

According to research, 26% of traffic accidents happen due to phone’s direct usage, about 6% fatalities happen due to hands-free and voice to text conversation applications.

Smartphones radiate electromagnetic signals which are proven harmful to rats (male and female). Same as our life, female rats are less prone to have cancer impacts compared to male rats. Importantly, there are no clear pieces of evidence of harmful impacts of phones on human brains. So, doesn’t mean that you get the GREEN signal to use the smartphone.

People should be encouraged to use smartphones less or just for emergency for their own benefits, rather than legally abiding them.

We are less in number compared to total mobile devices in the world. Mobile devices are increasing 10 times faster every second than human beings.

On the other hand, mobile technology is definitely good for us. People feel independent, social, secure (especially females), and mobile is helpful in getting jobs too.

Yes, we can live without technology:

  • Sir Elton Jhon was totally against the use of technology
  • Tom Cruise doesn’t use cellphone because of Scientology
  • Warren Buffett said you should not keep using new technology unless you are using it for last 20-25 years (He prefer using very basic flip Nokia phone)

91% of US adults have phones. The number could be the way more in India. About 44% of people keep phone during night, at movie, and you won’t believe event while having sex. Astonishingly, 67% people check the phone even if it doesn’t ring, that’s weird.

Potential health risks using mobiles: health dysfunctions, pain in neck, fingers, fatigue, and emotional misbalance

Effective solution: Exercise, stretching, and yoga

Clock exercise 

Keep eyes closed, Look at 12 to 6 clockwise (20 times), now look at 3 to 9 clockwise (x20), Now do anticlockwise 6 to 12 and 9 to 3, 20 times each, it will help in blurry vision.

Focus vision 

Put your thumb 10 inches away, Look at your thumb for 3-4 seconds and then look at the thing which is 10-20 feet far away for 3-4 seconds. Come back to the thumb and repeat the same things for some time.

Blink exercise

Don’t forget to blink your eyes while using phone and computer. It will relax and rehydrate your eyes. Keep doing it for few minutes after every few hours.

Stay connected….! Take care….!


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