Workshop on 1SHEELD….!

With due to maximum respect I would like to inform you that V.T.Patel Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering of Chandubhai S. Patel Institute of Technology, CHARUSAT, Changa is going to organize a workshop on “To make your Smartphone as a configurable ARDUINO shield (1SHEELD)”. During this workshop, students will go through a very attractive and useful feature of ARDUINO and 1SHEELD’s user Interface and standalone application development. By the end of this workshop, candidates would get a hands-on experience of working with Open source ARDUINO Platform and how to access Smartphone’s sensors remotely (using Bluetooth) along with remote programmable user interface for standalone application. Candidates will get a certificate after successful completion of workshop. Details of the workshop are as followed.

Speaker: i). Mr. Rahul Tanna

ii). Mr. Divyesh Patel

Methodology: Lecture/Presentation, Practical sessions

Time frame for workshop: This is a one day workshop, approximately 6 hour workshop.

Audience: B.E. / B. Tech. Students in group of 4(Allowed of all the departments)

Total Strength: Minimum 10 groups

Skill level requirement of participants: Candidates with basic knowledge of C programming.

Resource Persons: Faculties of CSPIT (EC Department)

Infrastructure: Laboratory, PC

Fee Structure (per group): With ARDUINO UNO: 6700

Without ARDUINO UNO: 5700

Preferable Date: 4th week of January, 2015  

Sub: To make your Smartphone as a configurable ARDUINO shield (1SHEELD)

CSPIT is the first institute established in year 2000 at Education Campus – Changa (now CHARUSAT). The institute is religiously managed through a think tank of technocrats, administrators, scientists, engineers, educationalists, businessmen, stakeholders and other well-wishers from all parts of the world. CSPIT offers B. Tech. program in Computer Engineering, Information Technology, Electronics & Communication, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Civil Engineering with total intake of 660 students. This institute also offers a M. Tech. programme in Electronics & Communication, Computer Science & Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering with total intake of 90 students. All the programmes at CSPIT are approved by the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE). All the programmes are accredited by the National Board of Accreditation (Except Civil Engineering).

Objective of workshop:

Main objective of this workshop is to use of very attractive and useful feature of ARDUINO and Smartphone. Smartphone will interface remotely with ARDUINO using 1SHEELD mounted on top, using Bluetooth of Smartphone. At the end of the workshop, one will have Arduino shield that can link with an Android device and provide a multitude of sensors and advanced functions, and can develop application based project with combination of few application.

By count, there are currently 37 different “shields” that the 1Sheeld can emulate. 11 of those are sensor shields –things like: accelerometer, light, gyroscope, pressure. Another 10 are basic I/O operations, such as: buzzer, keyboard, microphone, gamepad, and a variety of buttons. 7 more handle communications and social networking: Twitter, Facebook, phone, email, Skype. Finally, there are 9 special function shields, including: voice recognition, speech synthesis, notifications, camera, LCD and data logger. One has to simply tap them on the app to add that functionality, though some will require additional setup such as authorizing Twitter. So, 1SHEELD is shield which can replace multiple sensors with only one shield, and make application cost effective.

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