Seven Giant Secrets of Universe….! (Read Below)

1. There is a provision of OBJACT (Positive charge) and ANTI-OBJECT (Positive charge) in the world

2. Origin of Universe (Unstable EGG)

3. What is gravitational force and origin of it? 

  • Main four forces of physics: Gravitational force, Electromagnetic force, Weak force and Strong force

4. What is Farthest Quesars in world?

5. Dark Energy (Reason behind universe separation-Repulsion Principle).

6. Travel in Past and future, how is it possible, to travel in future is possible when man will achieve speed of light, to travel in past man has to understand complex fundamental theory of Albert Einstein (Theory of relativity)

7. Will universe destroy or will it be remain as it forever?


RAW material of Universe:

  • Stars
  • Heavy Elements
  • Free HYdrogen/Helium 
  • Neutrino 
  • Dark Energy 
  • Dark Matter 
  • Black (Neutron Star)
  • Space Time (4 Dimensional quantity)
  • Wormhole (Theory) 

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